Caserío Valuz Country Inn

A discreet charming Inn in Honduras


Caserío Valuz is a hidden Country Inn in the heart of Honduras. It is located in the small town of Zambrano (33 km from Tegucigalpa the capital) on hills surrounded by pine forests. The Inn itself is a unique museum of a vibrant Latin American culture, designed by its owner Jorge E. Valle-Aguiluz.

The inn offers comfortable private rooms and a dormitory for backpackers, also available for long-term rent. Caserío Valuz’s  location will provide those who seek for a relaxed atmosphere with a great environment for creative work. During the stay you will have a chance to try home-made cuisine, to explore the authentic countryside around and get to know deeper the history and heritage of this region with the help of passionate storyteller Jorge.


If you are looking to feel the rhythm and taste of Central America – welcome to Caserío Valuz!

Jorge E. Valle-Aguiluz